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Allow your PAIN to be your STRENGTH

We’ve all been there, we’ve all felt it. I’ve been rock bottom many times in my life, where I feel like I can no longer go on. I’ve been beaten down physically and mentally. But that pain is my power, that’s helped me transform myself and find ME. It’s given me a deeper connection with my higher self. It’s allowed me to create an open space and understanding of those who may inflicted this pain on me, it’s allowed me to see their sadness, their darkness and it’s helped turn me into a better person. Not perfect by no means but better.

You can choose to fight the darkness within or you can choose to embrace and welcome it in.

That pain you feel, them past experiences, them parts of you that you may feel is surrounded by darkness. That is your empowerment, that pain, that shadow, that darkness, can help you tremendously if you can just hold it and hear it and see what it’s teaching you.

If you can allow it to push through and activate your humanity, your honour, your integrity, your love then what you get on the other side is glorious.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into the victim and stay there, sure feel that frequency, let it be felt but DONT STAY THERE!

The pain you’ve experienced is because of the light frequency you hold, it’s there to help you to connect deeply in to your heart.

Don’t let anyone hold your heart, don’t let anyone bring you down enough because of their own pain, and don’t inflict and project your pain on others. Work with it, understand it, embrace it and love it.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to turn this into your strength. To help others who are also suffering, to inspire others to hold on, to keep going. Your story could be someone else’s hand in pulling them up from the darkness.

As always the roads and messages always lead back to SURRENDER, FAITH & ACCEPTANCE

8/8 use this portal for love 🦁 #lionsgate

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