Combined Wellness Package

Working to Establish Route Cause and Balance the Body

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 80 British pounds
  • Online via Zoom or at my room in Bexleyheath or Lee

Service Description

I work from 2 Clinics - The Wellness Hub London, based in Lee and Athena Pilates Studio, based in Bexleyheath. alsoI can work online via Zoom if you are not local. I can offer a recording of this session if you wish if online. My Combined Energy Therapy Package includes working and establishing the root cause of your issue. We work with any emotional conflicts and trauma using GNM Principles, as well as working with some other healing modalities that may include Muscle Testing, bach remedies, Energy Balancing and Energy Healing so you regain full balance to your mind, body and soul. I also offer Coaching for the ascension process on a lot deep level to the 3d aspects and physical body. Working in the Quantum Field, I assist your soul in removing any attachments, implants and overlays put in place through trauma. We will finish with a discussion about your treatment and what was flagged up. Going forward you will be giving tools to work with so you can move forward in your own healing. All my wellness packages will include a Light Language Energy healing session, this will help remove density within the body both within the spiritual and energetic body but as well as within the physical. This is an individual treatment plan and treatment sessions will differ from person to person all depending on what you wish to gain from the session and what your issue is. This will involve an initial consultation at the beginning and a debrief at the end. *A first session, can be a lot about investigative work, to try and establish the route cause as we tend to forget and push into our subconscious a lot of past traumas so they can take some work to surface them. Through a free telephone consultation I can give you some food for thought to think about and help direct the session when you arrive.

Contact Details

Sidcup, UK