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Evolving Souls

With Leigh Marie 

Balancing Your Mind, Body & Soul

Healing is a Journey not a Destination


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Welcome I am Leigh a Quantum Energy Healer and Mind, Body, Soul Coach & Mentor.


My sessions involve deep inner work, this is done through contemplating shadow work, inner child healing, connecting into conflicts and trauma embedded into your psyche (your soul) and also involves powerful energy healing in the quantum field, using light language to activate and clear. When the energy healing takes place, we will go in (with your permission and assistance) and clear entanglements, attachments, implants and overlays that have been placed in through past trauma in this life, past life or your ancestral line. We work with activating strands of your highest frequency DNA with the light codes that come through.


I facilitate the sessions by assisting you to make your unconscious patterns conscious and bring it back into your awareness. By doing this you can clear blocks that are stopping you from living as your true self, your divine being.


If you have physical issues, I can help you identify the route cause through using my knowledge of German New Medicine and finally free you of the pain and anxiety that accompanies ‘sickness & dis-ease”.


I help you to recognise, accept and embrace all you are so you can live a more fulfilled life.


My goal and purpose is to assist humanity in empowering themselves by finding their own light through accepting and healing their shadows.

In introducing you to see and feel who you really are and what you are here to fulfil in this lifetime.

Guiding you to finding your purpose through the release  of your wounds so you can truly feel complete in self love, self worth and self assurance.

In assisting you in the understanding of the biological meaning of your physical vessel and how you work with all aspects of your being, you will come to realise how true health is accomplished.

I am here to be a facilitator for you, to free you from the programmes and your pain, both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Our bodies are there to teach and guide us to what shadows we need to work on clearing, to create an open and clear vessel to channel with. The signs our body gives us are truly magical when we tune in.

Aligning your Mind > Body > Soul

*** If you wish to work with me, please browse my website and please feel free to contact me with any questions. 

I offer reduced rate sessions for those who may be struggling financially. I am here to assist you with your healing path and would be happy to discuss setting up a payment plan or reduced rate session. ***

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