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My testimonial completely from the heart.

"Really love Leigh and her circles. So welcoming yet such powerful energy. She has so much knowledge, is an amazingly caring soul and explains things in a lovely down to earth manner. 

Thank you so much for being a catalyst in helping me step in to my new life and support me becoming the person I was born to be"

~ Eileen

"When I attended one of Leigh's circle healings in November I was blown away with how much love, gratitude and peace there was at the session. We all have our traumas and I can with 100% conviction I had a very deep one that I healed that evening. I came away much lighter. Much, much gratitude."

~ Anna

"There's very few words to describe what an amazing healer and connector of people Leigh is. My first 1:1 healing session I had cleared a lot of energy for me and resulted in a very physical response to her work. I've also been to many of Leigh's sister healing groups and loved the energy, peace and opportunity to connect with like minded women. If you're interested in healing and forging a deeper connection with yourself - reach out to Leigh as she is a THE BEST."

~ Marnie

"On Wednesday the wonderful Leigh Marie did her thing on me. Crystal and Light Language Therapy. It was totally and utterly incredible. Leigh took me to a place I have never been before. Helping me open up my third eye. I feel great, I feel clear and so much more open. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are amazing women with special talents."

~ Natalie

I  attended a sister circle with Leigh and I really enjoyed the experience. The atmosphere in te room was amazing and I instantly felt comfortable. Leigh also gave us a healing session at the end and this was the best healing I've ever received, my head felt so clear for days afterwards and I cant explain how goodf I felt during and after the healing. Leigh has a very special power to heal and I cant wait for the next session with her. Highly recommend - thank you Leigh x

~ Becky

"I would highly recommend treatment with Leigh to anyone who is intrigued with energy practices. I instantly clicked with her and will return for more treatments"

~ Anne-Marie

"Highly recommend Reiki with Leigh - Great experience with a very friendly approach, leaving me so relaxed."

~ Frederique

"This was my first time trying Reiki and Leigh made me feel very comfortable. She is very gentle and sensed right away where I needed looking after. I feel great and loved all the useful tips she has given me. Thank you Leigh"

~ Nina 

"Wonderful reiki from Leigh I could feel the heat from her hands. amazing experience, felt so relaxed after and slept like I haven't done in ages, Will be back for more."


"I had my first Reiki treatment last week and I wasn't sure what to expect. It turned out to be a transformational experience! I felt amazing afterwards and had the best sleep in years that night. Will certainly be booking up again. Thank you Leigh!

~ Alison

Whether or not you are skimming pebbles across the surface

Tentative toes around the edge

Or fully immersed into the realms of spirituality 

Leigh's evening embrace novices and practitioners alike...

You are momentarily immersed carried off  to another relam.

~ Lisa

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