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Hi my name is Leigh and I am a Quantum Energy Healer, working with my multi dimensional being to assist you and help you raise your vibration and frequency. I work with you so you can create balance and health within your whole being as well as balance your energetic field.


I work online via zoom, internationally and am also based in the Bexley Area and work from Athena Pilates, Bexleyheath Kent. However if you cannot make it to this venue and would like an appointment in person, please contact me to discuss an appointment in your own home.


I work with a number of modalities, including German New Medicine, Quantum Energy Healing and Kinesiology. My aim is to use the skills I have used and evolved with to help others along their journey of self healing. With the use of light language, downloading light codes in healing can help clear and transmute energy. This helps give a clearer outlook to your being to move forward and break cycles and conditioning.

My journey into the world of spiritual practices and self healing, started in 2004. With my well being declining and a number of health issues both physically and mentally, a change was on the horizon and it ended up being the shift that I absolutely needed. Completely dissatisfied with the mainstream medical models, I decided to seek outside of the system for help. Upon this journey, I have realised that there was more to life than our physical form, and that beyond that paradigm there is a whole new world waiting for us, to help us ascend, evolve and live our best lives.

My soul calling is to assist others on their journey and by using many techniques I have learnt along the way through my personal journey, I work with and assist others on their journey and their own healing.

I wish you all healing and love in your journey, whether you choose to include me in your journey or whether my journey has inspired you to make some changes for yourself or with another therapist.

You should go with whatever and whoever resonates. You will always know if a therapist/ healer is right for you, listen to your heart.

Leigh xxx

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