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What is awake?

This word gets thrown around so much right?! But do we really know and understand the word in the deeper sense. Of course we know we are awake physically but on a metaphysical level do we?

I think we mix awake up with awareness (myself included)! We are aware of corruption, we are aware of the world, we are aware of our Spritiual bodies etc but that doesn’t conclude that we are awake. Most who label themselves as awake haven’t really delved down into what that actually means.

Are we fully conscious in every moment? Are we taking just our own inner wisdom and following it? Do we see the light and love in everyone and everything? Do we live every moment in the heart? Are we living our moment to the full or are we stuck in the loop of the 3d issues?

These have been my musings over the last few days because the word started to trigger me, even coming from my own mouth.

We aren’t awake! We are aware! There is way more work to do until we have fully grown into an awake human.

And if we aren’t living consciously from the heart and we are being wrapped in distractions of our our pain and projections in the 3d world then we need to keep trying to detach and go within. We need to find the fully pumping flow of our heart.

It’s not a race, it’s not a competition, no one is better or worse, there is no hierarchy, there is no us v them. That’s not awake is is it? That’s agenda, that’s division, that’s manipulated templates of the human being. The clue is in the name human BEING!

When you can truly find compassion for everything and everyone, when you can see everything is a part in the play playing out, rather than come into with attachment and fear, then you can finally start to pull away the layers of illusion that has been put over us for many years.

I am not saying I am awake, I am not judging others here. These are merely things that I’ve seen and heard in myself. The word come up as a trigger and I’ve sat with it this week and observed what it means for me and why it come to my attention.

My posts are my musings, take what resonates and leave that that don’t. Always follow your own inner wisdom and guidance.

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