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Embracing the Darkness within - Shadow work and Inner Child Healing

It’s hard to be vulnerable, it’s hard to say “hey I am struggling, I’ve been knocked off my feet and my heart feels like it can’t take anymore”

You know when the depths of darkness that come over you, the feeling of unworthiness, the feeling of trying to move forward and not knowing if you can. The medical system would say it’s depression, you’ve got an imbalance. But you know it’s more than that. When you can feel that this is the pain of letting go all the childhood trauma and wounds, the pain of abuse and abandonment, the pain of suffering that you thought you dealt with but really you stuffed it down and put a mask on 🎭

When you dig about into your shadows and really see the truth and illusions of your past, it can be overwhelming. That’s why people can shy away from the inner work, because it’s bloody painful 💔 you got to fess up to the real truth inside you. You got to realise that all isn’t perfect and that your pain from your past and conditioning is running the show.

You see fully embracing them wounds, fully seeing your inner child and the pain they feel, the abandonment, the low self worth, the feelings of despair is the only way through! You got to rough it out, sob your heart out, feel it deep in your belly, your chest and your heart. When you get to truly see where your beliefs have come from and how they have limited you into living a life of pretence and living just a tiny part of your true self, you want to free yourself!

Acceptance, compassion and forgiveness is key to this part of the journey and only then will you finally start to integrate them lost parts of your soul that left to protect you from more hurt.

Fully embracing it, and bringing back them broken bits of the puzzle is freedom! God yes it’s painful, I’ve had some really deep shit going on that’s knocked me off my feet, stuff that I thought I’d dealt with. It’s deliberated me some days, where I cant even function properly. Where I am releasing it through the body and it’s so physically painful. The pain is felt not only inside my body but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The saying goes “you got to feel it, to heal it” and it’s so true. Because the more we stuff it down, the more it bubbles up until it explodes!!

To open up your heart truly, you have to be honest with yourself. If you struggle to do the shadow work alone, that’s ok! We all need help sometimes and it’s not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength! Tap me up, or find someone else you feel drawn to. Just don’t be afraid to feel it. Don’t bypass it. What humanity needs right now, are clear vessels, vessels that are clearing these imprints in the dna on an ancestral level. So we can then share this new consciousness and frequency for the next generation.

And so it goes, eventually they’ll be no intergenerational trauma. You are the linage breakers, so go deep and feel the pain. I promise you it can be harsh but it’s worth it 💚

*artist unknown but such a powerful picture

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