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Next in this Journey on Earth… Energy Update

Welcome into the new calendar year

I don’t per say follow the Gregorian calendar and new year. I certainly don’t celebrate it. However like most end of cycles and from a numerological perspective, I see the end the last 7 year cycle taking place in 2023 (2+2+3=7). I welcome in the new energies, with the planetary alignments that are happening up there and within and what they will bring for the next part of our journey and cycle.

As humans our light is dimmed down in this reality and it’s down to us to clear the veils of this reality and feel the truth within.

With that in mind, I’ve tuned in and got some new year wisdom to share. As with all my work. Take what resonates and leave the rest.

The things that are important right now as we move into January is:

✨ Sunshine

✨ Fresh Air

✨ Water both to drink and to be in or near by

This will all help assist you in activating your inner light so you can be NATURAL and shine brightly in your TRUE-SELF (Gene Key 10)

If you are reading this then you are certainly here to create change… you are here to move out of conflict and bring peace to the world. You do this by being your families (and wider family of humanity) Karmic DNA Healer. This means your journey is here to heal your family, to heal through love. Even if you family is broken or miles apart, for every action you move from conflict into peaceful love, you change the DNA line. You are an absolute blessing to your family line and even though it can be hard some days you are here to create that magic through these activations of these strands that’s never seen the day of light .

The end of the cycle is here, and what it brings is a time for change, it’s time to align with the divine being and light within. Everything that no longer vibrates in the same energy as you, must fall away. This can be done naturally or through the act of love for yourself and others.

This doesn’t mean disown people that don’t have the same mindset as you, or are different, as one we are all United and it’s that very word that needs acceptance to understand our one consciousness. What this means is that if you are pouring yourself and energy into people, projects and actions that no longer have that deep resonance with you then THEY WILL FALL AWAY.

This will create more space in your life for shifts into more conscious states of living.

My favourite quote is and always will be “be the change you want to see” that’s your true you, your calling, your spirit that lives inside guiding you.

Channel any frustration and anger into the sacred seed of light, bring that light back into your life. Instead of reacting to these emotions and let’s be honest we all do at times! Think about what’s driving them, and allow that energy to fall away. Take time out to breathe and connect with what’s driving them emotions and let them be seen, so you can let them go.

As of last night at midnight Sirius shines bright in the sky for next few weeks and it will certainly show up in the energy it presents into your reality. Sirius rules the crown and the third eye and is about bringing harmony and balance, creating that balance with both the masculine and feminine by integrating these energies within.

This will create a sacred union of harmony and balance within.

Let them ripples into your life, so they can flow through you like water in the stream, taking its time and being more present in the moment.

A few questions to ask yourself;

🌈 What is it that’s creating disharmony? Work with it!

🌈 Where am I being called to create more harmony and peace into my life and this life on earth?

Sirius being the higher octaves of energy within us, is bringing us skills that we may have just turning on, like telepathy! Don’t be scared of these activations, the all seeing eye, is there and always has been, it’s just been dimmed by forgetting on earth and now we are ready to see the truth that lies within.

The strong message that’s been coming through here is

💜 Know Thyself

💜 Self Awareness


Now I know rebirth gets chucked around left right and centre these days, so what does that truly mean? when you feel you have stepped more authentically into YOU you are more NATURAL more in the flow, when something feels different with you, your conscious reality, your mindset. That’s what it feels like. You may have to go down into the depths of darkness whilst you metaphorically die and come back. Don’t be scared by any deep dark and unmotivated feelings you may be feeling. This is just a part of the renewal process as you shed the skins. SURRENDER! Let yourself feel it all, just don’t be wrapped around into it and feed on it, know when to break it and be born again.

It is all about putting seeking to one side, the seeking of who we are, what we are here for, what the point of it all is. The constant seeking which turns into distraction is causing us to steer off path. Holding others on a pedestal and listening to their every last word as gospel instead of following our heart and our own guidance, is now coming to an end. So EMBRACE IT!

It’s time now more than ever to:





This in turn will bring wonderful energies and feelings of harmony and CLARITY.

Enjoy your day, walk, rest, salt bath, energising cold shower, drink water and just be in the moment of the wonderfulness of you 💓💓💓

Enjoy the next part of your journey… 💫💫

All My Love

Leigh xxx

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