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Your Body is Your Messenger

Your body is your temple, it’s your messenger, it feeds through to you, to let you know you are out of balance.

We just need to tap in and get the knowledge of what the message is

Skin - wanting to be separated

Muscles - Devaluing yourself in some kind of way

Swallow Baggy Eyes or mid drift gain - abandonments and existence

Cold and Flu - situations that stinks

Throat - not wanting to swallow something that’s been said

These are all a rough idea, each case, person, gender and laterality will shift the core issue behind it. But you get my drift on how the body shows to you what is going on in our psyche.

Instead of sitting there thinking that your body is malfunctioning, maybe start to shift your thinking into finding the message behind it.

That symptom is your body healing, it’s doing it’s job. It’s a biological and cellular process. It interconnects through your spirit and your soul. Through your psyche, your brain and your organs. No one is malfunctioning, we are just living in a fear based reality of deep programming and trauma wounds

When you can understand the root cause of your pain, sickness, disease, you can shift your whole outlook and start clearing it for good. Lots of remedies (homeopathy not included) can mask the root cause which is why a lot of the time it comes back. It’s about working with these remedies and foods in each part of the healing phase to help assist you once you have fully resolved and connected with the core conflict/ wound.

When we hold onto stuff and don’t fully let it go or have tracks and reminders in our environment. Our issues can become chronic or keep coming back.

I offer online one to one sessions, where we dive deep into the psyche. Please DM if you’d like to know more. I offer a free connection call 💛 all details in my bio

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