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Soul Embodiment ~ Quantum Healing

Extended Therapy Session working with you on a deeper level to resolve deep rooted issues

  • 2 hours
  • £80
  • Online via Zoom or In Person in Bexley, Kent

Service Description

This treatment is the same as the 90 minute session, but is preferable for some people to have a longer time slot to discuss more deep rooted issues. Get ready to awaken your inner healer, and inner essence. Connect into yourself on a deeper level, by going on a self discovery journey in this Quantum Energy Experience Quantum Energy Balancing and Energy Healing, so you regain full balance to your mind, body and soul. All my Experiences will include a Light Language Quantum healing, This will help remove density within the body both within the spiritual and energetic body but as well as within the physical. This is an individual treatment plan and treatment sessions will differ from person to person all depending on what you wish to gain from the session and what flags up for you We will be taking you on an immersive journey of self discovery. Clearing any past life, ancestral or this life blocks and trauma bringing through light language codes and activations to unlock your true potential that’s hidden within the strands of dna. The deep realisations you will discover in these sessions, can range from person to person and how open your are to receiving what is for you. These sessions aren't for you if you not willing to truly see yourself and continue on the path of self mastery. This is for those who are ready to shift and change, ready to let go the attachments of trauma and drama and bring forward their magic. If you are ready for the shift, a change of mindset, ready to clear your self limiting beliefs then this is the session for you! The work is all always a continued journey of self healing, I’m just here to facilitate your path into realising your full potential. The session will include ~ Light language activations and codes ~ Chord cutting ~ Quantum Energy healing to clear blockages ~ Inner Child Healing ~ Oracle Readings ~ Sound Healing ~ Breathe work ~ Mediation If you are ready to finally leave behind your self limiting beliefs and programs and want to create a life full of abundance, then contact me today for a free connection call, to see if I can assist. What do you have to lose? Apart from layers of the old self hanging around… *A first session, can be a lot about investigative work, to try and establish the root cause as we tend to forget and push into our subconscious a lot of past traumas so they can take some work to surface them. Through a free connection call consultation, I can give you some food for thought

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your session, I require 24 hour notice.

Contact Details

Sidcup, UK

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