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Awaken the Womb

Hidden within the depths of our womb, lies the magic of our cycle.

Are young girls taught to love their period, to honour it, to shed the layers through their blood as a blessing? Mostly no! I certainly wasn’t, I always felt that it was a nuisance and spent a fair few many years on the contraceptive pill to control it!

How absolutely bonkers that the most natural thing in the world for a woman is buried down and not truly accepted and honoured.

Do you know in some cultures, if a female is on her period she isn’t allowed into church?! How absolutely crazy is that!! That’s how you know the power we hold around our bleed. they want us to hide it, be ashamed, embarrassed with it, so we don’t tune in to our wild power!!

I am so glad the world is shifting and that women are becoming more intune with their cycle and sharing this with their daughters. Finding the power in their womb, their inner wisdom. Harnessing their cycle and transcending it from something that’s a pain, to something that’s pure magic.

Our womb, our cycle it all serves such a purpose, a purpose of growth. Within the waves of the seasons, we can anchor in the power, transform our lives, do deep shadow work and learn to hold space for ourselves.

I wanted to make sure that my daughter was able to know the things I didn’t. I wanted her to understand her body and the wonder of the womb. I wanted her to realise how powerful she is. I never want her to be ashamed, to hide it or feel embarrassed.

I want her to empower herself and know her power!

Tune in to your inner goddess!

Embodiment of the divine sits within every bleed 🩸

I’d highly recommend the Wild Power book for woman and older teens too maybe and Ruby Luna for young girls, although I am sure there are many other great books around, (please recommend them below in the comments if you do know any.)

If you have a daughter, a niece, a granddaughter buy one for them 🙏🏼

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