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What a few weeks of energy, embrace every moment and ride the waves 🌊

Updated: Mar 25

💠 Exciting but possibly difficult times ahead, we’ve had the equinox, a time of renewal, clearing out the debris, welcoming in the new. Now with them energies we  move into a lunar eclipse that is going to illuminate the shadows within, so we can truly see and acknowledge them for integration.

💠 With this illumination and light we can start clearing out the shadows ready for the plasma explosion on the 8th April and the solar eclipse! This will be the penultimate end, an end of the self limiting beliefs, a light into the purification of our soul. Full of activations and upgrades, and an ever expanding light coming into the fields. Do not fear any of this, these next 2 weeks give us the tools to assist us for what’s to come.

💠 A lot of stuff may come up for the collective but it’s not a bad thing, it’s a chance to see what still hanging around and what needs to go. Shadows are never a negative thing, there is always a gift in them all, if you’re willing to see it.

💠 This is about closure and putting an end to old self sabotaging habits, letting go of the old self that no longer serves

💠 We are climbing out from the depths of our shadows, not just personally but as a collective.

💠 We are taking a huge step into the fields of illumination, growth and abundant possibilities 🤩🤩

💎 Tips; focus on matters of the heart and expanding that love through your creations. Connect to the Mother, The Earth. Don’t engage in drama, step away.

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