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Surrender into the Divine Will

Surrender to the power of your body, to the power of the divine feminine inside each and everyone of us

Embrace all the parts of you, let yourself be free from your struggle and surrender into your physical vessel. Let love and faith flow through you like water in a stream. Let it glisten in the light of the sun. Listen to it as it flows through, what do you hear? What do you feel?

Be open to what’s coming in for you in this moment, in this now, at this present time.

Look for the openings, practice through your breathe to let go. For every in breathe, breathe in surrendering to the divine will, for every out breathe, breathe out restriction, judgement, defensiveness, constriction. Let it go, let it fully fold into the belly of the ethers. These ways no longer serve you, for you are a vessel of love, unity and grace.

Turn inwards so you can rest in your silence. It’s a time of introspection into your inner journey. So you can embrace the cycle of life, death and rebirth. This is a time to be at one with yourself, to see what magic is being held back by your shadows. A promise of renewal is in the works and waiting for you. Get ready to strengthen your inner light to be illuminated by the visions and power that feeds through you through every breathe

And remember always be kind and compassionate to yourself and others. For you are always listening, to create this kindness in your world we have to be it.

Use this time to rediscover yourself.

Celebrate you!

Keys notes:


Your body is your power

Time for turning inwards


Divine reconnection

Lineage breaker

Connection & True Friendship

Open your heart & third eye

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