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In a world of distractions… just be 💛

There is far too much distraction going on with Humanity, over complexity with the doing and not enough being. As a general collective, we do, we do shadow work, we research, we play mum/ wife, we work, we scroll, we watch tv… you get my point! But how much of our lives are we spending in just being? How much are we truly enjoying our lives?

Distraction is the basis to our unhappiness

Distraction is the basis to not knowing our own inner knowing

Distraction takes us away from ourselves

Unable to listen to the sound to our own souls voice

How do you sit with yourself? Can you sit in silence, do you need a sound, a phone, a tv, a book in them moments of silence, to silence away the reality of what going on deep within?

What comes up for you when sitting in silence? What you hiding from? What you not seeing? What are you not owning?

In this distorted reality, it’s easy, (as designed) to be distracted from your true reality.

We need to be working and be mindful on detaching ourselves from these, so we can see ourselves but not as an individual but as a beautiful fractal of light split in many fractals to come back to source and find as one.

The constant need to keep doing without being, is making us unhappy.

Only when we switch it all off and just be totally in that moment, can we truly start to hear the sound of our spirit and what we crave… peace, clarity and joy 🙏🏼

Lets stop doing and let’s start living. Let’s tap into the belly of Mumma Gaia, let’s tap into the rhythm of our soul, let’s sing, dance and play . Let’s just be and enjoy BEing in the moment. That’s true abundance, that’s true FREEDOM

Ask yourself these questions, and to dig further… ask yourself who are you? What’s your values? What brings you joy?

Go give yourself time today to love you, to bring joy, have a luxurious bath, massage oils in your body, move your body, use your voice, get out in nature and tap in YOU and your rhythm.

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