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Spring Equinox

Pisces New Moon (Sidereal Astrology)

And the REAL New Year!

What a beautiful week of highly activated energy 🤩 not only this it’s SPRING, it’s the start of crawling out of the darkness into the light.

It’s about growth, transformation and creating opportunity to expand your mind and consciousness.

Today and for the next week or so, it’s a perfect time to harness in the energy and light, so you can slowly shed away the lessons you’ve learnt over the winter. So you can leave behind and learn from what’s been coming up for you over the last 3 months. Look at the themes, what’s been showing up? What have you learnt about yourself and the relationship you have with you? What has also shown up in your outer relationships?

NOW is a time to move through this, don’t hold onto it and sit in stagnancy. Allow yourself to flower with the movement of Spring.

Have a wonderful week where ever you are and whatever you are doing.

Let go of the past and be in the present moment. Looking forward never back, looking up never down.

Set intentions for the next 6 months, make these special moments matter on your journey.

When life gets dark, tough and you feel out of alignment, it’s both a lesson and a blessing.

Love to you all 💓🌺🌸💓

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