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Ripping Off The Layers

All judgments come from a fear of being rejected.

Being driven by the shadow side of the ego and observing this playing out as we project from our inadequacies and fears of not being loved and accepted.

Our inner child lays deep within the layers,needing to be seen. Building up pain walls over the years, that have slowly wrapped around the heart , chocking it and preventing it from opening from a true place of love.

Judging because of the pain, when really who we are judging is merely ourselves. For that what we judge or say of another is an inner reflection of something in us, we are trying to hide from. This process continues to close the heart more and more.

Until one day we have this realisation and we finally see ourselves and what’s playing out. When we do it hits us, feeling it deep within the solar plexus, like it’s twisting around and out of the physical body.

We have to forgive ourselves for any acts that have not come from a place of love. We learn from it, we allow this realisation to be accepted and integrated so we can grow from it.

This is all we can do on this journey. Is to continue to see ourself, be vulnerable and be honest. Loving yourself enough to evolve through the process with compassion, acceptance and SURRENDER.

Most words of pain, come from a place of pain. And I am sure we are all guilty at some point of dropping into judgments from this. Understanding why is probably the most integral part of clearing these subconscious programmes and projections.

It’s not to say we will ever rid ourselves or these behaviours, we are driven by human emotion, stemming from a mixture of traumas in each individual and the collective. But we can keep working on recognising these unconscious patterns and motivations and start to reserve judgments by catching it before you react on it.

I know it’s not easy. It’s a work in progress for me too. But together we can push through these programmes of inadequacies and start using the process to bring wisdom and an open heart into the world. Rather than the lower frequencies of hate, fear, resentment and anger.

~ Leigh-Marie

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