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Self Discovery

Time out #selfdiscovery

I’ve been quiet, because I’ve been on quite a journey of self discovery. The only way I can lean into this journey, is to take time out. Is to put everything away, the books, the videos, the newsfeed, the scrolling etc.

To go within, to sit with myself, to be in solitude, to discover myself, what I want and need, what I am called to see, hear and be. To lighten the load, to quieten the noise, to see what presents itself.

You’ll notice I’ll often go quiet, you won’t see or hear from me. I am not being rude, I am just needing respite.

This is my way of staying sane in this crazy society, this is my way of self discovery. It doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone but it’s right for me.

How many times do we push what’s right for us down, to be what’s right for others? How many times do we worry if we aren’t being seen, then we aren’t being thought of, so therefore we aren’t worthy?

Learning to be at peace with yourself and who you are, isn’t an easy process, it’s certainly a working progress for me, and I am sure you can relate on ways to this too.

Love thyself, honour thyself, respect your path, accept your journey.

Take some time to just quieten the mind, the doings, the distractions. And know that whatever is meant for you, is and will be. Don’t force, don’t push and just be 🙏

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