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Do you ever feeling like you just need silence?

Like you need the stillness of life to envelope you deep within

To lift and release that deep feeling within the belly that something is wrong or will go wrong

That cloud, that anxious feeling that lurks over you like a web squeezing you.

What we seek is peace. peace from the noise, peace from the distractions of the mind, the world, life!

When we sit there in the stillness, and all these uncomfortable feelings may surface, we try to shut them down but that just makes it worse.

What we really need to do is feel it, but we don’t really know how to. We were possibly conditioned to think these feelings as “bad”. Maybe we aren’t spiritual enough, evolved enough, conscious enough, if we have these thoughts and feelings?

You see there are deceptions and self limiting beliefs everywhere. In any way of life you may attach to, there is always the should dos!

We’ve forgot how to be, well mostly. We are finally starting to realise there is so much more to our divine humanness than we’ve ever been told.

We just need to go find ourselves, but not in the sense of look or seek but in the sense of just being.

And some days you won’t and some days you will. But whatever day it is, just sit with the silence and listen to that inner voice that comes from the heart. Not the voice that comes from your belief programmes.

Breathe through the density, connect with nature, a child, your partner, an animal. Cuddle 🤗 kiss 💋 dance 💃 play 🏄

Expand your heart ♥️ and connect with the rhythm of life.

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