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What a week…

Woah 😅 the last week has been INTENSE to say the least, them energies got me all 🤪😭😭 

It’s been a whole load of old self limiting beliefs, self doubt, mixed with old wounds of extreme insecurities and many dark thoughts. I felt like the darkness was just trying to pull me back, but I know that really it’s trying to show me something I need to let go of. Of course now what transpired and the energies felt, have shifted and lightened. As the lunar eclipse/ full moon energies come, they made way in clearing through some shit so I could see more clearly.  

You know these upgrades come but we have to feel into it all even when it’s just so dense like your swimming through tar. You just got to keep swimming 🏊‍♀️ because at the end of that river will be an opening to the most abundant clarity, the wide open crystal blue waters of the SEE 👁️😉

Just keep surrendering I tell myself daily as I sit in contemplation. Keep letting  DIVINE WILL just move through me, don’t ATTACH to these self limiting beliefs, this paranoia, these programs running in the background. Feel them of course, see where they are coming from, accept them and let them move through you like blood through your veins and let them go. They don’t belong in your fields for too long DETACH!! 

It’s all about perspective and we can allow the overwhelm to take us away into choppy waters so we drown or we can kayak them waters into the clearance with as much vigor and excitement to what’s at the end 🌊 

🌈 Keep on keeping on 🌈

Leigh 💎💎


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